Monday , December 11 2017


Collective Failure

The much anticipated Raja Zafarul Haq led inquiry committee report finally came to fore soon after the 23-day long exasperating sit-in protest by a group of religious parties at Faizabad interchange ended in dramatic fashion. The three member inquiry committee was setup earlier on directions of PML-N chief to identify …

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No possibility of Pakistan-India nuclear war, US think-tank

Washington: South Asian experts reject the nuclear pessimism in Western capitals about their region, noting that the West’s nuclear “sky is falling” in South Asia argument does not hold when seen in proper context. This is the conclusion of a report by a prestigious Washington think-tank, the Atlantic Council, which …

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Egypt mourns 305 victims of Sinai mosque attack

CAIRO: Egypt mourned on Saturday as the death toll from a gun and bomb assault at a mosque rose to 305, including children, in the deadliest attack the country has witnessed.The state prosecution said up to 30 militants in camouflage flying the Islamic State (IS) group´s black banner had surrounded …

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