Tuesday , October 17 2017


Environmental Pollution, Health, and Development

By Rameez Khazir Ecological contamination is an expansive, exorbitant, unjustly appropriated, and preventable reason for illness and demise in nations around the globe. The connections amongst contamination and wellbeing, while extremely solid, have been inadequately refreshing in the worldwide wellbeing plan, and the global and local assets dispensed to contamination …

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Kashmir Issue: Current Perspective

By Aqsa Amin After the bloody partition of sub-continent, the Kashmir issue was born. Kashmir issue is a territorial dispute between India and Pakistan that is still unresolved after the many years of partition. Both India and Pakistan claim Kashmir. In 1948 the ruler of the princely state of Jammu …

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CPEC: Gains and Disparities

By Tyela Shaffan China-Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC) is a mega project of USD 45+ billion taking the bilateral relationship between Pakistan and China to new heights. The project is the beginning of a journey of prosperity of Pakistan and China’s Xinjiang. The economic corridor is about 3000 Kilometers long consisting …

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