Monday , December 11 2017


Is United States Above Law?

By Muqadas Saleem From the very existence of the man, he was taught to follow rules to live in this world otherwise; there will be consequences for which he might not be ready. These rules are present in every part of the world from a simple society to a complex …

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Third Party mediation viable solution to Kashmir

Z.G. Muhammad For his failure to identify with the popular sentiment – the sentiment of the overwhelming majority, like many others in the “power politics” of Jammu and Kashmir, there is more than one reason to distrust Farooq Abdullah’s words. Nevertheless, wisdom lies in giving credit to what is good …

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Pakistan at 80- the next 10 years

By Shahid Javid Burki As we head towards the country’s 70th birthday, it would not be inappropriate to speculate about the country’s future. For instance, we may ask: Where will Pakistan be when it celebrates its 80thindependence day in 2027? This is a particularly difficult question to answer for a …

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