Thursday , June 29 2017


Managing Relations with Afghanistan

By Talat Masood When President Ashraf Ghani assumed office, he gave a high priority to improving relations with Pakistan. Our leadership, both civilian and military, fully realizing how important this relationship was, made sincere efforts at working closely with Afghan leaders to build bridges. With common threats and shared concerns, …

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Kashmir: The Unending Reactive Turmoil

M.L.Kotru IS Kashmir sliding back into its season of strife and anger, threatening a replay of the ugliness that surfaced, after prolonged sullenness of the preceding years, an anger which has virtually become a part of the Kashmir story since those early days of 1990? Or, is it headed for …

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The ‘Morality’ Problem

Muhammad Amir Rana ‘MORALITY’ is a tool often used by undemocratic forces to snub democratic values and promote self-serving alternatives. Particular victims of this lethal weapon are democracies in transition which must make their way largely without challenging the so-called moral standards crafted by anti-democratic forces. As the political temperature …

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